July 29, 2012

The Onion

Panel 1
Putt Putt Putt

Panel 2
Drove To The Supermarket BY MYSELF!

Panel 3
Beth: I bought an onion!
Teenage Employee: Yes you did.  Yave a nice day!
Beth: You too!

Panel 4
Beth: It's my very first lone grocery trip ever!
Older Gentleman: Ha ha.  Congratulations!
Beth: Thank you!

This is how I described it on Facebook:
2/4/12 - Second lone driving event ever! I went to the store to get an onion for Tanner's birthday dinner, and I borrowed Tanner's car, and I didn't crash or hit anything! And I went in the store and got an onion and may have scared an old lady also looking at onions b/c I was talking to myself the whole time, and on my way out I showed it to a teen male employee and said "I bought an onion!" and he agreed and told me to have a nice day and outside I saw an elderly gentleman going inside and I held up my onion and said "It's my very first lone grocery trip ever!" and he laughed and congratulated me.
YAY! 5 second dance party, GO!

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