About Beth

Hi!  I'm Beth.  I'm interested in video games, comics, cats, reading, writing, and girly things.  My comics are a hobby, my writing is what I'm serious about.

I started my comics in church when I was a kid, because they kept me occupied.  I drew my dad first -- he's easy to draw, with his big round belly -- and then started making little strips just for fun.

A number of my posted comics are old, but most are new.  Some comics don't make sense or just aren't funny.  It happens.  I'm okay with that because this is a hobby that I'm sharing for free.  I'd hold myself to a higher standard if I were serious about drawing or relied on this for income.  As it is, even if you just like one or two of my comics, it means I managed to contribute a little happiness to the world, and that's enough for me.