Beth, Lily, Alex, Luke
Me and my family. I am a weird cat lady writer mom. Alex is a programmer smarty-pants who loves puns and puzzles. Luke is a little boy who loves trains and cars and slides and games. Lily is a baby girl who enjoys eating, grabbing stuff, and getting into things.

Aaron, Jon, Leah, Katie
Jon is my older brother and a goofy fun preacher guy. Leah is his wife, a silly fun gal. Aaron is their eldest and he loves jokes and Ninja Turtles and Pokemon. Katie is their youngest and she loves ponies, princess dresses, and leading the charge. They have three cats and one dog. If Leah had her way, they'd have seventy cats and dogs.

Mom (Marlene), Dad (Jim)
My parents. My mom makes for very funny stories and my dad loves babies.

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