June 1, 2012

Happy 7th, Tiger!

Tiger does not purr often or loudly, but every now and then he'll roll on his back and purr while I give him a belly wub (combo rub and head-scratch).  He also has been known to purr while in the presence of catnip.

He LOVES to sniff things.

Tiger Sniffing Kaylee

Tiger Finally Looks Up From His 'Nip

Sleepy 'Nipped Tiger

Panel 1
Beth: Good morning, my Little Mister Belly Wubs.
Tiger: purr

Panel 2
Beth & Alex WHISPER: Surprise!  Happy Birthday!
Tiger: sniff sniff sniff

Panel 3
Tanner: Why are we whispering?
Beth: Loud noises startle him.
Alex: Birthday nip!  Yeah!

Panel 4
Let's celebrate quietly.

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