June 5, 2012


Panel 1
Beth: You're in my way.
Tanner: You're in MY way.
Beth: Your face.
Tanner: You're fat.

Beth: Bite me.
Tanner: Gingers are evil.

Beth: Hiss.
Tanner: I'm Beth, I have stupid ginger hair and bad comebacks!

Panel 2
Alex: I wish you guys would stop fighting and try to get along.
Beth & Tanner: We weren't fighting.

Panel 3
Alex: But... all that bickering. That's you getting along?
Beth: LOL Sure! It's fun!
Tanner: Arguing is my favorite pastime. You know this.

Panel 4
Alex: Oh.
Beth: *Smoochie*
Tanner: Come watch Star Trek.

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