March 8, 2012


Panel 1
Beth: Voicemail from my mom. "Call me as soon as you get this." Sounds serious!
Alex: Didn't she have surgery two days ago?
Beth: Yeah. I better call her back quick.

Panel 2
Beth (thoughts): Did her new knees give out? Did Dad get in an accident? Infections? Slip-and-fall? Coma?!
Beth: Mom?

Panel 3
Mom [IN THE HOSPITAL]: Oh good! Quick, can you get to a computer? Go to HSN's website and find the video for their Serger Machine. It's so neat and it's on sale! Major discount!

Panel 4
Beth: Aren't you supposed to be, I don't know, CONVALESCING? NOT looking up weird $500 sewing machines?
Mom: It was on TV. Besides, I'm an EXCELLENT multitasker.

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