August 1, 2002

The NOCCAtrix

A parody of my NOCCA writing teachers.  My class said Mr. R sounded like Agent Smith from The Matrix, so I drew this.

Beatle Guy's Penny:

My brother had a college friend who looked like The Beatles.  All of them.  He was also a very sweet, quiet, unassuming guy.  The kind you just want to hug, or adopt, or sneak into your pocket to pull out when you're feeling down.

One day Jon and his friends were walking and Beatle Guy found a penny.  Beatle Guy mused on it as the other guys chatted and then said: "You know, I bet people take a penny and put it between their butt cheeks for a few hours and then leave them on the ground for someone to pick up."

I think if my brother's brain could have exploded, it would have.

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