July 16, 2002

Alex's Second Appearance

After drawing "Pi Man," I did another drawing of the lock-in.  I (brazenly, perhaps) said goodnight to the guys while wearing my footie Garfield pajamas.  (No, seriously, some of the people at my college may have considered me brazen for that.  My college was uptight.)

Anyway, the footies did what I'd meant them to do.  They threw Alex in to a wild passion* and he just had to lure me into his college room on "girls visitation hour" (seriously, we had an hour a month to visit the guys' dorm rooms -- I told you, uptight) with the promise of seeing a bunny that they were keeping illegally for a friend.

In his room, I met his friends, who offered me a chair, and I sat and listened to them chat.  One of his friends walked around with a phone that wasn't plugged in and talked to imaginary people on it (this was normal for that particular friend, and no he wasn't/isn't crazy, he's just like that).  And I met the bunny, Sir Isaac.  And then I went happily back to my dorm room and went to bed and our slow, stilted, geeky love story continued in its own slow, stilted, geeky time.

*Okay, not so much.  But he thought I was cute.  ^_^

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