May 16, 2011

Who's the Hottest of Them All?

A while back, I decided to start a list of favorite actors like a normal person.  I'd never made one before, so I didn't know all the rules, but I decided to begin with John Cusack because he always plays nice guys and is in movies I really like.  Second on my list was Luke Wilson for the same reason.  (I just really like actors who play nice guys.  And, physically, both are pale with dark hair, which is obviously my type; i.e. Alex.)

To continue to be more like a normal person, I decided that anytime I saw them in a movie after that point, I would sigh and say their name dreamily.

Alex, in turn, decided to do the same with his favorite actor, Forest Whitaker.

And our friend Tanner decided to join us by picking a random name out of some movie credits and saying it dreamily whenever Alex and I sighed over ours.

So now whenever I sigh over John Cusack and/or Luke Wilson, Alex chimes in with Forest Whitaker and Tanner chimes in with Megan Dodds.

Additionally, Tanner works in an office where there is a woman with George Clooney's cross-stitched face hanging in her cubicle among many other Clooney-shrine items.

All of these details then came together to form this particular comic.

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