April 20, 2016

It Was a Dark and Stormy Morning

Our friend Julie posted this on Facebook at 9:50AM on a Thursday:
I'm pretty sure I'm in a horror movie right now.
It's dark and raining outside. I'm sitting on the floor with Spencer in my lap while Audrey looks around the room through a translucent green noise-making toy. She looks suddenly afraid and starts babbling something about "the creepers." I ask her to slow down and tell me what's wrong.
"The creepers," she says, frightened. "The creepers are here."
"Creepers?" I ask, confused. "What are you talking about?"
"The creepers are here. They're right behind you, Mama. THEY'RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU."I instinctively turn around but nothing is there.W...T...F...?


March 4, 2016

Waffle Dream

FB post from Jan 11th:

Last night, one of my dreams was about waffles. More importantly, me eating waffles. During this dream, I woke just enough to bite my blankets, thinking there was a waffle right in front of my face. The lack of waffle woke me just a little more, but not enough to fully pull me from the dream. I could still smell the waffle right in front of my face, and the blanket clearly had whipped cream on it, so I licked it. And it tasted like whipped cream, but by then my brain had woken up enough to realize, at least in part, that blankets are not waffles and do not taste like whipped cream. That sensible part of my brain fought with the part that wanted to keep trying to eat the blankets and just barely won.

I tried to eat my blankets last night. And I had to force myself not to keep licking them.

March 3, 2016

Good Old-Fashioned Hypocrisy

This topic came about the other day as we sat in an Arby's drive-through and a man stared at us judgmentally from inside as he ate his burger and curly fries.  And I couldn't blame him for it because I do the same thing.