March 31, 2017

My Little Beth

Huge announcement, guys!  From now on, my comics will be drawn in PONY form!

[April Fools! We'll be back to our regularly scheduled human comics soon.]

Panel 1
Beth: WE'RE PONIES! Ponies! Unicorn ponies! PONIES!
Alex: . . .

Panel 2
Beth: I have a CUTIE MARK! Look look look look look!
Alex: Oh dear God. So do I.

Panel 3
Beth: Oh my goodness, this is the best day ever, I am so happy to be a pony and I want to have tea with Fluttershy and party with Pinkie and check out Twilight's library and did you know we have MAGIC now? And it SPARKLES! I COULD JUST DIE! But RIGHT THIS SECOND, Leah and I are going to Rarity's boutique to check out the latest in pony fashion, okay bye!

Panel 4
Jon: What just happened?
Alex: I don't know. But I'm afraid.

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