June 30, 2016

The Question

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He's almost three and loves learning new words.  He didn't think anything of asking this question, but I was NOT PREPARED.  Once he had an answer, he went back to playing with his bath toys and I texted his auntie and emailed his dad to pass along the embarrassing yet hilarious story.

A little extra info -- I'm in my third trimester with his baby sister both as I write this and in the comic.  I'd decided to give him a bath before his swimming lesson and the stool I usually camp out on was particularly uncomfortable that day, and the bath looked particularly cozy, and I'd put him in about an hour before we even had to be ready to go, so I hopped in with him.  It might seem a little weird to folks without little kids, but Luke is developmentally not to the point where it matters.  So long as I don't make a big deal about being naked together, he won't.

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