May 26, 2014

This Cat

Like me, my older brother is a cat person. He and his wife have three of their own.  When he related this story, I melted a little inside because I could hear the smile in those last few words:
From: Jon
Subject: This one made me chuckle 
(The store works with an animal rescue agency that comes in on a regular basis for adoption events. A customer is talking to the agency, holding a cat. She grabs me as I walk by.)
Customer: “Excuse me. I have a question, and I know these nice ladies are really pushing for these cats to be adopted, so I’m afraid they won’t be honest.”
Me: “Oh, sure. What can I help you with?”
Customer: “This cat… it’s vibrating. Is that supposed to happen?”
Me: “Yeah, it’s purring. That means it’s happy.”

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