April 7, 2014

Deluxe Model

Yep! My baby's a ginger!

(Deluxe model b/c redheads are rare.)

I'm not a fan of ginger hate jokes, btw. They were funny and lighthearted teasing for a little while and then they just started feeling... I dunno. Like I was being singled out and ragged on for something I like about my appearance. It started making being a redhead less fun, which had never happened to me before. I've always liked being a redhead.

So... yeah. My friends cut it out when I finally asked them to, which is what friends do for each other, and I appreciate it. I know how hard it must be to keep the especially clever ones under their hats.

Alex, being a smarty-pants, has never said anything negative about my looks ever. He loves to tease me, but he's always drawn the line at anything that might make me feel self-conscious, and considering how many things women have already in our lives that make us self-conscious about our looks, I think he's got the right idea of it. I might not mind being teased about my looks at first, but eventually it would start to sink in like damaged cells under a bad sunburn and poison how I think about myself. And that's not cool.

That said, I'm happy my baby is a ginger. He looks a lot like me right now, and it's pretty awesome being able to see your own features in a tiny human. It really solidifies the knowledge that you're connected.

Panel 1
Alex: This baby is too much work. Let's take him back to the baby store and get a refund.

Panel 2
Beth: Noooo! We paid extra for the deluxe ginger model.

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