February 21, 2014

Tanner as a Roommate

My dad was a soldier, a cop, and a fireman. When Alex and I moved to a new state, my dad warned me that bad things happen in laundromats, thus making it so that I Never Did Laundry Alone Ever Again. My brother later told me that my dad had "been worried" when Alex's male friend moved in with us for a while.

Here, I show a Snidely Whiplash vs Dudley Do-Right scenario, whereas the reality was a lot more... weird.  Mostly, we stayed in different rooms playing video games except during meals.

Panel 1
[What My Dad Imagined.]
Alex: GASP! You're a VILLAIN?!
Tanner: Nya Ha Ha!
Beth: Help! Bear-Bear!

Panel 2
Beth: Rar Rar! I'm a T-Rex! Rar! T-Rexes are tough! Tough T-Rex Beff!
Tanner: ??????????

Panel 3
Tanner: Okay...
Beth: I'm going to bed. Goodnight!
Tanner: 'Night.

Panel 4
Tanner: Your wife is weird.
Alex: Yeah. I better tuck her in before she turns into a velociraptor. Be right back.

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