October 26, 2013


Panel 1
Beth: There are some really ugly upcycled things.
Alex: What's that word?

Panel 2
Beth: Upcycling? You take something old & crappy & change it to make it fresh. Like a lime green rocking chair.
Alex: That sounds horrible.
Beth: It is.

Panel 3
Beth: Also this one: a light blue chair w/ a sort of 60s orange cushion & the back slats are white, blue, & an orange polkadot. Oh, wait. Those are BUTTONS, not dots. That's . . . that's worse.
Alex: Wait. You just described too many colors. I have to look.

Panel 4
Alex: That is HIDEOUS.  I . . . I want to BREAK it.  I never knew a chair could make me ANGRY.
Beth: Ha ha ha. Ow. Ha ha, ow!

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