September 1, 2013


A conversation from when we were dating.  I seriously thought he'd say he liked redheads, so it made me insecure when he said brunettes.  When I expressed that insecurity?  No backpedaling, no panic, just this simple reassurance.

It ... just blew me away.  Especially the fact that it wasn't a line.  He never says something because it's what I want to hear.  He's just himself.  I love that about him.  It's a big part of why I love him.  I know I'm not going to get manipulated or humored or given the run-around.  I'll just get Alex.

Panel 1
Beth: Do you prefer brown, blonde, or red hair on girls?
Alex: Brown.

Panel 2
Beth: You... don't like redheads?
Alex: Not particularly.

Panel 3
Alex: I like redhead.  Singular.
Beth: Oh.

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