August 15, 2013


The first two panels are what I imagine happened at Alex's work when he took our first ultrasound to show around.  He came home and said that he'd noticed a distinct difference in enthusiasm among those who have kids vs those who don't.

We luckily don't have anyone who said anything like the last panel, but I've seen that sort of reaction before.  It comes from people who don't know how to react and, because they themselves don't want kids and can't imagine anyone wanting kids, try to be clever by saying something dry that they half don't mean, half do mean, and wholly hope everyone thinks is just a joke.  Problem is, this kind of humor about a pregnancy announcement tends to end up rude and condescending.  Whether or not the couple is happy about the situation, it's pretty awful to have someone put a negative spin on this huge life-changing deal while the parents are just trying to cope.

For anyone who has that particular social ineptitude: just say grats and move on.  It's not witty, but it also doesn't make you look like a jerk.

Panel 1
[Don't Have Kids]
Beth/Alex: We're pregnant!  See?  Ultrasound!
Person without Kids: Hey, grats.

Panel 2
[Have Kids]
Person with Kids: Ohmygoodness, CONGRATULATIONS!  How far along are you?  What's the due date?  Do you have names picked out?

Panel 3
[Socially Inept]
Person who is Socially Inept: Oh.  I'm sorry.

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