June 11, 2013


Explanation per my dad's request: It's become a thing that people occasionally mistake me for mentally handicapped.  Once I even got mistaken for autistic by a nursing student (I was really nervous and apparently exhibited a few traits she'd just learned about).  The above is a real event where a mail carrier made a comment to Leah after I ENTHUSIASTICALLY greeted her in the hall.

I am not remotely upset or offended when this happens because having a mental handicap isn't bad, just different, and I don't find the idea embarrassing or offensive.

I just hope no one thinks that I treat the mentally handicapped disrespectfully with the few comics I have that reference the subject: [Leah is Pretty] [Guess What] [How Do I Pay?] ["In Retard..."] [The Family Reunion].  While I don't have anyone in my family or social circle who has special needs, I have the greatest respect for that community's ability to love and be genuine.  Sincerity and kindness are way more important to me than any other trait, and I'd be proud to call anyone with those qualities a friend.

Panel 1
Beth: LEAH!  You look so PRETTY today!

Panel 2

Panel 3
Mail Person: She's, uh, special, huh?

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