June 17, 2013

Baby's Hogwarts House

Not a real conversation.

Alex is totally Ravenclaw because he's clever and curious and loves learning.  I'm a Hufflepuff because I value kindness more than any other virtue.  Tanner is Slytherin.  He wants to train our children as his ninja army so they can help him take over the world.  Unless they're ginger.  (See: Ginger Girl Babies)

Panel 1
Beth: Hufflepuff!
Alex: Ravenclaw!
Beth: Hufflepuff!
Alex: Our son will be a Ravenclaw like his dad!
Beth: No, he'll be a Hufflepuff like his mom!

Panel 2
Tanner: You will be SLYTHERIN.  Unless you are ginger.  Then I don't care.

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