February 8, 2013


During my last pregnancy, I had a cold.  And Tanner and I really enjoy whining at each other.  (That was going to be past tense, but I think we could be prevailed upon to find a reason even now he's moved out.)  And, in reality, Tanner told Alex he didn't need to get it for him.  But Alex did.  B/c that's who he is.

Panel 1
Tanner: [WHINE] Beth, the Playstation controller is way over there.  Get it for me?
Beth: [WHINE] I'm sick and pregnant. [WHINE]

Panel 2
Tanner: [WHINE] But I'm lazy.
Beth: [WHINE] I'm lazier.
Tanner:  [WHINE] I could strongly contest that.
Beth: [WHINE]

Panel 3
Alex: Here.
Tanner: Oh, hey.  Thanks.

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