November 19, 2012

Jerk Alex

For the entirety of our marriage, the biggest jerk I know has been my husband in my dreams.  For some reason, Dream Alex is both stupid and mean and takes every opportunity to prove it.  Real Alex has gotten used to this phenomenon, and when he woke me up to say goodbye this morning, I related the above.  His response is preserved verbatim in panel 3.

Panel 1
Beth: I can't believe you took a job at a WalMart McDonald's and let the manager lady change your legal name to Mr. Dixon! Our name isn't even Dixon! It's nowhere near Dixon! And that lady was so happy to have you but you lied!

Panel 2
Beth: You weren't remotely going to work there! And I had to be a shrew and quit for you and make her change your name back and then she didn't even spell any of it right and I had to stand over her shoulder the whole time and you just wanted to go look at the electronics!

Panel 3
Alex: You have weird dreams, sweetie.

Panel 4
Beth: Dream you is a jerk.
Alex: Yes, we have established this.

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