August 15, 2012

Alternate Universe...?

A real, actual conversation.  And I spelled indigenous wrong.

Panel 1
Beth: Are you real?  Is this the real world?  Or is it an alternate universe where you love candy and loud noises and blondes and I like monkeys and bad smells and bugs?
Alex: What? No, it's the real world.

Panel 2
Alex: What brought this on?
Beth: I joined a writer's forum today, and in one of the topics, a woman replied with HORRIBLE spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Panel 3
Beth: And NOBODY pointed them out!
Alex: WHAT?  She wasn't made ruthless fun of?
Beth: No!  Not at all!  Everyone continued on-topic like... like ADULTS or something!

Panel 4
Alex: But that's impossible!  It's the internet!
Beth: EXACTLY!  Alex, I think I joined a forum of mature, responsible adults, untouched by the internet's indigenous trolls.

Panel 5
Alex: That's weird.
Beth: I KNOW.

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