July 11, 2012

Darth Toddle

At least once a week, Jon watches the Star Wars cartoon with Aaron (who isn't even old enough to talk).  Aaron has learned from that cartoon that any straw, stick, or long object equals lightsaber, and "Doh!" is him reflecting blaster fire.  So when he starts up, you're supposed to "Pew Pew!" at him and pretend to die every now and then.  He's insidiously thrilled when you die, which has convinced me he's Dark Side.  When I informed Jon of this, he coined "Darth Toddle."

Panel 1
Aaron: Doh!  Doh!  Doh!
Park Child: Bang Bang!
[Ignore the malformed sticks.  I can't draw them.  You'd think sticks would be easy, but noooo.]

Panel 2
Park Mom: Oh how cute!  They're playing cops and robbers!

Panel 3
Leah: That's not a gun.  It's a lightsaber.
Beth: Oh look, he's trying to force choke your son.

Panel 4
Leah: Aaron!  What has mommy told you about the Dark Side?
Beth: That it's more fun?

Panel 5
[Darth Toddle]

[edit] Found the Facebook post related to this:

Aaron is a master at disarming me and dual-wielding his and my lightsabers. He has killed me four times, mostly by mistake, but seems to enjoy my death throws. He is quite a little Sith Lord in the making. It seems, however, that Sith Lords are ticklish. The one time he threw down his weapons, I managed to engage in hand-to-hand tickling before he could pick them back up. Lastly, he seems to have made a pact with the dark side for immortality, as he has given me his weapons multiple times only to giggle as I try to cut his head off with them. Clever Sith Lord Aaron. He has made his dominance all too apparent.

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