January 9, 2005

Campus Security: Batman Version

My college (a private Christian university) was a great place to get married but a terrible place to date.  The rule-makers were so concerned with preventing sex that there were no places on campus to sit and talk in private.  You had to go off campus, which resulted in a lot of people parking (or, for the ones who didn't mind people tripping on them in the dark, lying on the front lawn).  And since there's no TV or video games in a car (unless you have hand-helds), then there's not much more to do than make out.

For all I like Alex-lips, I still feel frustrated about the corner that my college painted a lot of us into.  I would have done less unmarried-Alex-smooching if I'd been allowed to just go to his dorm room and play Mario Kart.  For one thing, I LOVE Mario Kart.  For another, his friends were always in and out of his room, so we would have been way more chaperoned than anywhere else.

We eventually got Final Fantasy X and went to his parents' house to play it.  After that, we went to his parents' house when we wanted to watch movies or play games, which saved us a lot of trouble trying to find things to do off campus with our teeny college student budgets.

We were lucky to have that option, but most people didn't and though I never sent out a petition or made a fuss, I'm strongly against the policy of banning girls and guys from each other's dorm rooms.  I understand why older folks like the rule, but my protest is that it doesn't work.  It doesn't work so much that it accomplishes the opposite of what it's intended for.

I fully believe that the "no dorm rooms" rule starts couples out in the physical arena much earlier than they would have done if they'd been allowed to hang out in dorm rooms in groups or even alone to watch TV or play games.

It looks good on the surface, sure.  Parents love it.  But it's the bane of people trying to get to know each other and is completely pointless when you're talking about a girl and guy who are just friends.  For example, Alex's group of friends included three girls who just didn't get to hang out with them most of the time.

In conclusion: dumb rules are frustrating.  Harding security gives rides on golf carts back to the dorms.  I drew Batman preventing PDA.

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