November 29, 2011

Kaylee & Tiger

She really does look like a squirrel.

Oh, and she's insane.  Randomly chases Tiger, jumps from place to place, twitches like she's on something.  But she's also that rare breed of cat everyone wants: a lap cat.

How to tell if cats are playing or fighting:
  • Vocalization is more prominent in a fight, such as yowling, screaming, and excessive hissing.
  • If blood is drawn, it's probably a fight.  Cats rarely unsheathe their claws or bite hard enough to break the skin when they are playing.
  • If the cats take turns chasing each other (i.e. being the aggressor), it's playing.  Cats in a fight will not trade off roles like that.
  • After a real fight, cats will avoid each other.  After playing, everything is normal.
  • Test: Try to distract the cats with a noise they like (can opener, treats).  Cats in a fight will not respond.

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