July 5, 2011

Ginger Girl Babies

Gingers = redheads.

My husband's best friend and I worked at the same medical center last month (we're temps). We'd walk together to and from work and usually argue amiably about things.  One day, it was about this, and the argument has persisted.  Only outsiders bother to point out that no one can control what kind of babies I have.  I'm going to have either red haired (like me) or dark haired (like Alex) kids, and whichever it is, someone will be victorious in this argument.  At least, until the second baby.  It'll start all over again with a second baby.

Panel 1
Beth: Gingers would make amazing ninjas.
Tanner: No, they're weak.
Beth: They're . . . WE'RE NOT!

Panel 2
Tanner: You need to have dark-haired children so my ninja army will be STRONG.
Beth: GINGERS can be strong!
Tanner: Not AS strong.

Panel 3

Panel 4
Tanner: No. You're not.
Beth: HMPH!

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