June 15, 2011

Rar Katie

My dad wanted more explanation -- in a previous job, I got medical files for people at an eye clinic. One woman, Katie, was always very rude to me when things went wrong, whether those things were my fault or not (99% not).

I never actually stood up for myself, but I was going to tell her to "stop taking your frustrations out on me or you can get your own files" if she continued to treat me like an incompetent servant. It would have been one thing if I was actually a screwup, but she did this to me over things I had no control over.  In the comic above, I'd sent the files the previous week and they just turned up without comment the day they were needed (and I was actually on the phone looking for them from 8am to 1pm, though I was 80% sure I wouldn't find them and something like the above would happen).

I nicknamed her "Cranky Katie."  Never actually met face-to-face.

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