February 23, 2010

Writer's Video Game

For the record, that is a specific teacher, Mr. R.  My normal writing and English teachers were cool.

Panel 1
EA: What are you doing?
Beth: Playing this new video game about being a writer!

Panel 2
Beth: Collect story details like setting and characters...  Hop over scary, arrogant, cliche-maiming writing teachers...  And use the Mallet of Creativity to break down writer's blocks.

Panel 3
EA: This says the editing part of the game is fifty-seven levels long.
Beth: YEP.  And every time you die, you get sent back to level one...  And they make you listen to an old lady ask you if you're finished yet for twenty minutes... during which you can't turn off or unplug ANYTHING or evil monkeys will leap from the Xbox and gnaw your face off.  After that, the game calls you in the middle of the night to make unnecessary comparisons of your mother and Chuck Norris.

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