June 23, 2007

In Memorium: Smokey

He always comes when you click the can opener, because my dad would click it when he gave him tuna juice.

Jon and I saw him in early June, when we went for my uncle's wedding. He'd always been a huge cat, but he'd lost all of his weight and was very frail. He lived about ten years longer than any of the vets expected, since he had Feline AIDs (transmitted by biting to other cats but not to humans).

I drew two new things for the montage box. One is Smokey in the cowboy outfit. I had a Cabbage Patch doll vest that fit him when he was younger, and it was so cute! And the other is me marrying him -- that's just something I drew several times during elementary school. I figured I'd marry my cat if I couldn't find a nice boy. Obviously, Smokey wouldn't be too happy about it, but he'd do it anyway because he was the most easygoing cat on earth.

Smokey when I was 12, under a Patricia C Wrede book.

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