April 28, 2007


This idea came about very randomly. It was bitterly cold and I would have killed for a ride home. I didn't actually get one (*sad*), but I thought that if my friend offered, "I love you" wouldn't have been a strong enough sentiment (it's what I usually say when I'm grateful). No, my appreciation would go beyond that -- and it hit me that the appropriate thing to say would be something like "I think I just became a lesbian." Even though it probably would have weirded her out.

Panel 1
Beth: BRR!

Panel 2
Beth: Warm!

Panel 3
Friend: Dude, I drove to class. Do you want a ride home?

Panel 4
Beth: [POIT!] ?!

Panel 5
Beth: I think I just became a lesbian.
Friend: [ACK] !

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